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Igal Dahan is an artist and an entrepreneur. At once rigorously methodical and passionately creative, he is an enigma, and his creations are undeniably covetable. 

A citizen of the world, Igal has traveled to the far reaches of the globe in single-minded pursuit of his calling as a fifth-generation jeweler. The universe has been moving to bring Igal Dahan to his place within it for over 200 years.  

“Everyone is born with different capacities and talents. If you use them, you will not live with regret. I was blessed with an eye for design.” - Igal Dahan

Of Moroccan descent, Igal was born in Israel into a family with a storied history as craftsmen and purveyors of fine jewelry.  
In the 1800s, Igal’s ancestors made house calls with a pushcart to cast custom jewelry on-site for their clients.

Three generations of jewelers later, Igal’s father apprenticed with Cartier at just 16 years old. Here, he diligently studied the best techniques and mechanisms from one of the best jewelers in the world.

Fast-forward to today, and you will find that Igal Dahan, fifth-generation jeweler, has inherited his family’s craftsmanship, business acumen, and passion for creating fine jewelry.

As a young boy, he moved to Paris, France, to obtain an education. He graduated from the Institut de Gemmologie at L’Ecole du Louvre in Paris, where he earned his HRD Diamond Certification.

Upon graduating, Igal specialized in the buying and selling of precious stones to the most famous jewelers in the world, including Graff Diamonds, David Morris, Boucheron, Chaumet, and Van Cleef and Arpels. Igal became known as the top sapphire salesman globally and gained an intimate understanding of the level of quality the world desires.

He then moved to Bangkok, Thailand, to establish a manufacturing facility alongside his father and elder brother. It was here that Igal fine-tuned his mechanism for creating settings worthy of the world’s most precious stones. The result of this family endeavor was a highly sought after collection of rings named for the brothers, SIMON AND IGAL. With settings that permitted the interchange of one precious stone for another, the design and craftsmanship were revolutionary. The release of the collection was met with resounding approval and became a turning point for Igal.

Igal’s pilgrimage across the planet ignited within him a love affair with the world and its people. He delighted in connecting people with one another and with nature’s beauty. He made a home on four continents, immersing himself in the local culture and learning to speak the native language.

Today, Igal is the proprietor and creator of IGAL DAHAN.

For Igal, stepping into his destiny has been the truest form of happiness and the ultimate measure of success.

“If you can capture the essence of a good moment and realize that it’s a good moment, the pleasure is even greater.” - Igal Dahan
He pours his passion for the world into his creations, tapping into the technical skills he learned through arduous training and summoning family secrets passed down through five generations.

Igal creates high-end jewelry designed to ensconce women in luxury, instill radiant confidence, ignite passion and creativity, and provide an outlet for personal expression.

IGAL DAHAN creations are renowned for their coupling of craftsmanship and creativity. The most precious stones are unearthed and anchored in high-end settings, complementing the woman’s style, and satiating her desire for luxury. Like their creator, every IGAL DAHAN piece is a dichotomy, juxtaposing light and dark, play and passion, old-world and Avante-Garde.

In short, Igal’s legacy is one of timelessness, created by paying homage to the past while forging the future.

“The secret of design is that, first, you must have the vision. Second, you have to establish in your mind the way you can create it. Third, you bring it to the world. Fourth, you ask for the blessings.” - Igal Dahan

These distinctive collectibles lusciously incorporate the finest quality precious stones, including diamonds of all sizes, blue and pink sapphires, turquoise, and mother of pearl. Collectively, Igal Dahan Jewelry is a testament to simplicity, elegance, and beauty.
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